Real time data visualization and employee collaboration

tool for educating employees

Smoother work process with early error detection

Hands-free reliable

AR application use-cases

AR in masonry / cable transformer stations

Supportive AR solution delivers important data from existing backend IT systems to enrich digital jobplans, workorders, tasks or document attachments for accurate performance of the assigned work. Optimization of work process is done by finalizing all workorders on the AR supported devices when the job is completed.

AR at measurement points

Transformation of traditional spatial GIS data into AR data solution, enabling visualization of assets and topology data on field. Full underground utility infrastructure (cables, smart meters, switchyards, shafts, water pipes, sewage systems etc., appear in your line of sight) is digitally presented on the AR supported devices with extended option of adding real time data from SCADA/IoT.

TSENSE Web Platform

The advanced capabilities and abilities of AR technology and TSENSE platform enable technicians, field workers and experts to repair and maintain assets with greater safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

TSENSE combines innovative technologies and use of AI elements to understand data from integrated IT systems better and help increase work productivity and safety. You can efficiently inspect, maintain or participate in daily working activities since additional information is available as digital content on the AR glasses.

R&D partner

Elektro Ljubljana

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer to our most frequently asked questions.

Can corrective glasses be used under AR glasses?
1. Can corrective glasses be used under AR glasses?
It is various from vendor to vendor. General answer is 'yes'. Vendors which do not support wearing of corrective glasses in general provide special implants to wear inside glasses.

2. What is the difference between AR and VR?
Augmented reality vs virtual reality. At the core we have two similar tech, but there are some key differences. The easiest distinction to make between augmented reality and virtual reality is that virtual reality immerses you entirely into a virtual world, whereas augmented reality simply overlays virtual elements onto the real world.

3. Where is AR technology already in use?
AR technology is already used in various fields: Field service, Repair and Maintenance, Smart Manufacturing, Medical training, Public Safety, etc.

4. When is the time for our company to start using AR technology?
The AR technology allows humans and machines to interact and collaborate creating a final work that, in turn, is also going to change the vision of how businesses make their presentations. Augmented Reality is not just for gaming anymore. It is a game changer tool showing off their capabilities in almost every industry sector.
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